We were taken in like FAMILY-Priya Joshi

Me and my husband started visiting Dr MADHURI LAHA our OBGYN on confirming the news of my Pregnancy and then began the beautiful Journey of our life with one of the most extraordinary Doctor I had the Pleasure to meet.Being our first pregnancy, thousands of questions flooded our minds but Dr. MADHURI LAHA took us in like FAMILY members and guided us through these 9 months and beyond.She answered  every question patiently no matter how silly they seemed to us. Ours being a complex care, She guided us with the most intricate ways of making it a smooth one. She gave us all the information to us that we needed to make informed decision at different stage of our high risk pregnancy. She was there with us at every step of the way and made us HAPPY and PROUD parents who would be grateful to her for making this high risk pregnancy into a normal one and if we plan 2nd child, we definitely are returning here. THANK YOU DOCTOR MADHURI


To say that i was extremely satisfied with the service at Columbia Asia, Pune would be an understatement. My experience at this hospital has been nothing but outstanding. Right from the amazing comforting doctors to the supportive staff and hygiene factors, nothing disappointed us here at Columbia Asia, Pune.Dr. MADHURI LAHA, Dr. Joshi, Dr. Arun Suradkar, Dr. Tushar & Everyone had been amazingly helpful throughout my pregnancy and with their expert opinions kept  me & my baby healthy.

This multispeciality hospital had been one stop solutions for all our medical needs. Would highly recommend it to the people who need great medical care.



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