Vice President - Sales & Marketing

Posted on 2018-02-22 15:28

Opening: Columbia Asia Hospital - India Management Office
Job Description:

Key areas of responsibility:

Analysing business potential, conceptualising & executing strategies to drive sales, augment turnover and achieving desired targets. Develop a strategic plan to promote revenue, profitability and growth. Full responsibility for sales & marketing, managing agreed targets, controls and systems, Forge long-term relationship with customers, business partners and other associates. Optimise time to market and implement best industry practices, Leadership, efficient team building, culture building and training. Brand conceptualization and responsibility for brand building as per Columbia Asia guidelines. 

Main Job Tasks:  


To ensure expense and  target lines of Sales & Marketing department is within budget.


  • Display leadership role to sales &  marketing across company.
  • Ensure team motivation & development is always high.
  • Ensure the team is delivering results as per their agreed goals and KRA.
  • Preparing and achieving sales targets with company’s strategic plan.
  • Strategic planning for the international marketing.
  • Develop and drive new business plans to achieve over company revenue targets.
  • Explore and advice on emerging new markets & products.
  • Prepare domestic & international marketing Budget
  • Track Market changes and suggest ways and means to sat on top of the competition.
  • Business continuity with existing clients/vendors. Interdepartmental coordination, hospital  legal, R&D, supply chain etc.

·         Establish marketing contacts with corporate, insurers and other third party purchasers of health care services.  Conduct presentations to these organisations of the services and facilities offered by Columbia Asia hospitals.  Organise direct negotiations and contacts for services with these organisations.  

·         Participate in these negotiations through the provision of information about prices  or costs, suggested health care package programs, news way and better ways of conducting marketing programs or other data as requested by the Unit head or CEO. 

·         Establish contacts with smaller health care facilities, including clinics and diagnostic centres for the purpose of obtaining referral business to the hospital. 

·         Coordinate and manage specific requirements requested by third party customers, i.e., customised reports etc., Respond to all enquiries by third party customers.   Refer all complaints to the customer service department, but monitor complaints to assure that responses to third party customers are made on timely basis. 

·         Organise and conduct various community related programmes, CAMPS,  and other programs  developed by the communication department of the company e.g., 

a)    Health talks and community education programmes

b)    Health camps : client contact programmes

c)     CME programmes, wellness programmes, Columbia kids programme

d)    Soccer programme

e)    Special events


·         Develop an annual marketing plan and budget for the entire company and the units. 

·         Assists the Finance Department of the Hospital in debt collection when necessary. 

·         Utilize the data bases of the hospital, as developed by the sales and marketing department of the company, for direct mailings to former patients, GPs in the market area of the hospital, other parties that may refer patients to the hospital and to third party payers. 

·         Monitor the business of competitors in the market. Provide an overview of the market scenario to the CEO. 

·         Responsible for timely setting of KRA and review as per the PMS guidelines. 

·         Ensure your team participate in REDS activities. 


Experience: 10-15 years

Any Graduation with PGD in Marketing


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