Registrar / Jr. Consultant - Internal Medicine (Ghaziabad)

Posted on 2015-02-17 10:22

Opening: Columbia Asia Hospital - Ghaziabad
Job Description:
1. To take proper history and do physical examination and come up with plan of care along with consultant. 2. To be in house during their shift. 3. To be part of Code blue team. 4. To liaison with super specialist where ever appropriate. 5. To communicate with patients on the plan of care. 6. To communicate and update consultants on the progress of the patient at the beginning and end of the shift and also whenever there is change in the condition of the patient. 7. To liaison with ICU consultants to transfer patients who are unstable on the floor. 8. To respond to medical issues of Surgical and Super-specialty patients, stabilize the patient and update the primary team. 9. To write Initial assessments of patients admitted during their shifts. 10. To write progress notes daily 11. To do the discharge summery 12. To do order entries for medications and services 13. To attend weekly CME 14. To attend monthly departmental meetings. 15. To bill for services provided by them
Experience: 3 years

MBBS + MD/DNB in Internal Medicine / General Medicine


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