Radiology Technician

Posted on 2016-08-26 17:13

Opening: Columbia Asia Hospital - Whitefield
Job Description:
Main Job Tasks--- 1.Will be directly responsible for the safety, upkeep and maintenance of all equipment within the department. 2.Will maintain log books for all equipment with relevant information regularly updated 3.Will maintain liaison with support service for prompt attention to machines and ensure that the down time is minimal. 4.Will adhere to the defined work flow pattern. 5.Will place regular indents for stores, consumables and drugs as well as developer and fixer chemicals. 6.To ensure the x-ray room and darkroom is kept tidy and clean. 7.Will follow radiation safety norms accurately. 8.Will ensure proper disposal of fixers 9.To make sure the bed-sheets and the patient gown is clean at all time. 10.To check, keep and maintain all the accessories in the room. 11.To prepare x-ray envelopes for patients. 12.To prepare processing chemicals and to maintain it. 13.To maintain the x-ray processors. 14.To wash the rollers and processing tank weekly at a suitable time. 15.To process x-ray films. 16.To maintain film and chemical levels in the darkroom and inform the manager if need to order. 17.To despatch the reported radiograph to the respective area or to front desk. 18.To maintain the department statistic on a daily basis.. 19.To collect supplies from store and to photocopy departmental documents. 20.To assist the radiologist in performing radiology procedures when the need arises.
Experience: 2-6 years



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