OT Technicians

Posted on 2013-05-13 16:45

Opening: Columbia Asia Hospital - Whitefield
Job Description:
Main Job Tasks • Ensuring that the anaesthesia machine is functional • Checking availability of Anaesthesia drugs and emergency drugs and its expiry • Checking availability of stand by Medical Gas Cylinders • Checks the Central Medical Gas Flow • Checking closed Anaesthesia circuit and for its working condition, styllet, kidney trays , E.T Tube, soda lime, Halothane, Isoflamen vaporisers etc. • Helping in positioning of the patient for respective surgeries.(with table accessories, IV stands, tourniques) • Assisting Anesthetist for GA,SA, EA extubation • Helping the circulatory nurse for preparation of the patient for surgery • Helping in shifting the patient to the respective wards /room.
Experience: 5-8 years

OT Technician Certificate Course/B. Sc, minimum 5 years of experience in hospitals.


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