Posted on 2013-05-13 16:19

Opening: Columbia Asia Hospital - Whitefield
Job Description:
Main Job Tasks: • Schedules nursing personnel to ensure adequate staffing for each shift. • Collaborates with Chief Nursing Services in determining and obtaining equipment and supplies needed in the performance of patient care. • Assists nursing personnel in identifying patient and family needs. • Participates in setting patient care standards • Counsels relatives when required at the waiting area Ensures that all physician’s orders are executed in accordance with established policies and procedures. Works with the Chief of Nursing Services to apprise Specialist of special nursing problems and secure guidance for handling. Keeps up to date appraisal of Unit capability and requirements.Keeps an up to date knowledge of the unit and drug changes and instructs staff of such changes. Review and inform Chief of Nursing Services regarding nursing unit problems and needs, recommending changes in the policies and procedures. Assist the Chief of Nursing Services in the investigation of reports of incidents, suspected infections and patient / doctor complaints and resolves problems or makes recommendation for action.
Experience: 2-5 years

GNM/ B.Sc. Nursing, min. 2 years experience in hospitals


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