Assistant OT Manager

Posted on 2018-02-22 13:21

Opening: Columbia Asia Hospital - Yeshwanthpur
Job Description:


Key areas of responsibility:


      • Responsible for ensuring efficient functioning of OR  and overall physical upkeep of the place,

      • Responsible for  case scheduling , coordination and doctor management (with Anaesthetists)


      • Responsible for MIS


      • Responsible for Inventory management



Main Job Tasks




  • Responsible for  efficient OR scheduling and optimal utilization of  the department,


  • Responsible for coordinating with doctors (Anaesthetists) for OR requirements,




  • Responsible for vendor management and consignment of stock,




  • Responsible for overall  inventory  management along with OT Nurse Supervisor,


  • Responsible for  maintaining temperature, humidity and air changes as per defined norms,


  • Ensure  compliance to infection control protocols and report any outbreak of infection,


  • Report any  Incidence occurrence and sentinel events,


  • Ensure that all preventive maintenance schedules are carried out as per the schedule and all equipments  are in functioning,


  • Liaison with other departments  and vendors for efficient running of the department,


  • Responsible for timely escalation of equipment breakdown, sterility issues, delays in procedures, non availability of items,


  • Ensure procedure prospectus and timely procurement of instruments, equipments and consumables,




  • Ensure error free billing,




  • Ensuring compliance to OT  policies, procedures, and safety checks,




  • Responsible for generating MIS for the OR,




  • Ensuring proper documentation and record keeping,




  • Responsible for tracking quality indicators and advise the superior accordingly,




  • Participate in REDS activity organised by the unit HR




  • Involve in Performance Appraisal process as per the schedule,


Experience: 3-6 years

Graduate with MHA


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