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Clinical Trials at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital

A clinical trial is a strictly controlled research study conducted on people. Each study is carefully designed to answer specific questions about a new treatment like a drug or a medical device to make sure it is safe and effective to use in people. Clinical trials hold enormous potential for benefiting patients, improving therapeutic regimens and ensuring advancement in medical practice that is evidence based.

The Columbia Asia Referral Hospital – Yeshwanthpur has a team dedicated to research and is deeply committed to finding new ways to prevent and treat illness and improve the health of patients.

The details of the clinical trial, including all the tests and procedures used in the study, are outlined in a research plan, also called a protocol. The doctors, nurses, and scientists who run the clinical trial must follow the protocol and run the tests according to strict rules set by government agencies. The rules ensure that people who participate in the clinical trial are treated with highest safety standards.

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