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The testimonials on our website are only with a view to share experiences and opinions of people who have availed our services. These are individual opinions and do not imply or suggest any medical claims or should not be considered as a medical advice.

Della Feeney - Canada - Spinal fusion and Decompression Surgery

"I really don't believe that i don't have the pain in my back anymore - Columbia Asia has changed my life" 

Della Feeney...

Greg Crutcher - Texas, USA - Anterior cervical corpectomy

I had a ruptured disc between C-6 and C-7. The doctors here in US said I had to have a C-6 Anterior Cervical Corpectomy and the cost would be...

Kevin Ombajo - Surgery for Recurrent Atypical Meningioma

"In just half an hour of discussion, the doctor answered all my questions which were unanswered while i was in Kenya and US - I am happy with the...

Virginia Vidart - Bariatric Surgery

"I would truely say that Columbia Asia Hospital is a very very nice hospital to come, even from the US"


Everlyne Cherut Sobet - Laminectomy and Interbody Fusion surgery

"I was so happy that I could stand on my own now"

Everlyne Cherut Sobet

Underwent Laminectomy and...



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