Health packages - Above 60 Years - Health Check Packages

Location: Mysore Age Group: Above 60 years Gender: NA
Cost : Rs. 4800
Blood Glucose FastingBlood Glucose Post Pradial
HeamogramSerum Creatinine
Lipid ProfileTSH
Liver Function TestHbA1c
Pap Smear (for female)PSA (for Male)
Urine RoutineX-Ray Chest
Ultrasound of Abdomen and PelvisMamography (for female)
ECGCardio Screening for TMT (or) ECHO
Lung Fungtion Test (PFT)Consultation with Ortho
Consultation with PhysiotherapyConsultation with Audiologist
Consultation with DieticianConsultation with Urologist (for Male)
Consultation with ENTConsultation with Ophthamologist
Consultation with Gynecologist (for female)Review By Physician


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