Kolkata- Senior Citizen Package

Presenting Columbia Asia Senior Citizen Health Package

with us old age is a new beginning”… old age can be a rewarding period in one’s life with the right support system. The Columbia Senior Care program is designed to give the elderly the perfect treatment, support and care that allows them to live life to the fullest. Comprehensive and customised plans that suit specific needs and our specialist care for the elderly goes beyond just medical treatment. 


  • 1 comprehensive Health Check-up in a year 
  • 12 Periodic Consultations (including quarterly follow up by Geriatric Consultant) 
  • Domiciliary Geriatric Consultation
  • Home Physiotherapy Service
  • Home Collection for Laboratory Services (free within 5Km radius
  • Home delivery of Reports (within 5 Km radius)
  • Home delivery of Medicine (within 5 Km radius for a minimum billing of Rs. 1000/- )
  • Personalised diet and nutrition counselling
  • Priority booking for Room/OT & OPD appointments
  • Reminders for appointments, medicines and diagnostics
  • Discounts on room rent and investigations charges (Discounts not applicable for Suites)

Senior Citizen Package

Date: Till 31st Dec 2017


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