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Dr. Ridhi Vakil

MBBS, MD (Anesthesiology)

Consultant – Anesthesiologist

Dr Riddhi Vakil is a specialist in Anesthesiology with a distinguished academic career, which laid a strong foundation giving her a broad insight into the subject as he acquired all the necessary skills to deal with the vast and challenging problems encompassing the field.

She has experience in giving anesthesia for both emergency and elective surgeries and has handled a spectrum of cases that require resuscitation, invasive and non-invasive monitoring, use of advanced workstations and ventilator management.

She has excellent clinical skills in anesthetic management of diverse cases in neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, urology, plastic and reconstructive esurgeries. She has the experience of providing anesthesia services in radiology suites and ECT rooms. Can also perform emergency intubations, central lines, arterial lines, CPR, therapeutic ICD, Lumbar punctures.

Has expertise in providing anesthesia for oncosurgery, urology and plastic surgery. Her special interest is in acute pain management and usage of ultrasound for regional anesthesia. Another area of interest is labour analgesia and airway management.

She is a professional who values ethics and practices evidence based medicine and follows international and national protocols in patient management. 


  • Labour Analgesia
  • Airway Management


Total Experience: Over 5 Years

  • Anesthesiologist with Creators Anesthesia Associates from 2014 to 2015
  • ICU registrar in Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad and Nidhi Hospitals Ahmedabad from 2012 to 2013


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