Hebbal - Surgical Oncology

The Surgical Oncology department at Columbia Asia Hospital - Hebbal, Bangalore offers integrated cancer care through a team of Medical and Surgical Oncologists, who work with specialists from virtually all specialities to care for patients with cancer. The hospital provides the highest standards of care, where consultants practice evidence-based medicine and follow international treatment protocols. The department offers screening for various cancers, investigation, diagnosis and treatment of cancers. Patient and family are involved in discussing treatment options, which are tailor-made for each patient. There are ongoing initiatives in place for enhancing patient safety, patient satisfaction and clinical excellence; quality care to provide the most comprehensive, advanced and compassionate care to the patient and family. Cancer management is multidisciplinary and other specialities like neurology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, gastroenterology, nephrology, urology, radiology, histopathology and laboratory services play a major role.

Treatments and Procedures

Breast cancer 

  • Breast Conserving Surgery, including partial mastectomy
  • Mastectomy, including simple,  modified mastectomy and radical mastectomy
  • Breast reconstruction

Surgery for Gastric Cancer

  • Endoscopic mucosal resection
  • Gastrectomy (subtotal and total)
  • Debulking and peritonectomy for advanced gastrointestinal malignancies

Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Cancer

  • Whipple Procedure
  • Total Pancreatectomy
  • Hilar Resection of Cholangiocarcinoma

Colorectal cancer

  • Colectomy, including open and laparoscopic-assisted colectomy
  • Colostomy
  • Polypectomy
  • Local transanal resection
  • Proctocolectomy with colo-anal anastomosis
  • Abdomino-perineal resection

Head and Neck Tumors

  • Commando Surgery
  • Surgery for Glomus Tumors

Genitourinary Tract Tumors

  • Radical Prostatectomy
  • Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection (RPLND)
  • Extensive Cytoreductive Surgery for Ovarian Cancer

Bone and soft tissue tumors


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