Hebbal - Aerospace Medicine

The Department of Aerospace Medicine at Columbia Asia Hospital - Hebbal, Bangalore is dedicated to the care of all personnel who are involved with the aviation industry, i.e. Pilots, Cabin Crew and ATC Officers. It offers evidence-based medical support to these personnel keeping in mind the special occupational demands of these exclusive group of professionals.

The Department of Aerospace Medicine has a DGCA Class I Medical Examiners. They are qualified to undertake all Class I Renewal Medicals for ALTP and CPL license holders (including Expatriate pilots), all Class II Initial and Renewal Medicals for Student Pilots, Private Pilots for fixed wing/ helicopter/ micro-light/ Gliders and balloon, and Cabin Crew.

Treatment and Procedures:


  • Evaluation of all occupation related medical issues related to the aviation industry
  • Conducting DGCA Medicals for Aircrew and Cabin Crew
  • Conducting periodic medicals for Cabin Crew and ATC Officers



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