What is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast Implant & Nipple Reconstruction Surgery

Women undergo mastectomy as a treatment for breast cancer.  Sometimes the entire breast is removed, while in other cases, a part of the breast is removed.

Breast reconstruction surgery is done post mastectomy to construct a normal looking breast.

Why Undergo Breast Reconstructive Surgery?

After mastectomy, some women feel self-conscious and develop a low self-esteem. Some are comfortable with living without reconstructive breast surgery. They use options of pads or special bras for a better visual effect. With advancements in the field of plastic surgery, there are a number of permanent options available for women undergoing mastectomy, to restore breast contour.

Reconstructive surgery offers a choice of breast implant or nipple reconstructive surgery. The type of reconstruction done will depend on the extent of the mastectomy and the type of tumor removed.

For those who opt for breast reconstruction surgery, it is important that one understands the process completely. For a professional consultation, contact us at Columbia Asia Hospital. We have experts in the field, who are qualified in some of the best institutes worldwide and have vast experience in breast reconstruction surgery.  

When Do I Get Breast Reconstruction Surgery Done?

Often mastectomy is done with breast reconstruction surgery. This is done to reduce cost and time of recovery for the patient. But this option is only if patient does not have other co-morbidities like diabetes, obesity or hypertension. Also the stage of the cancer is taken into account before offering the procedure.

Another factor for delaying reconstructive surgery is whether chemotherapy and radiation is planned as part of cancer treatment. Breast reconstruction can only take place after completion of all chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

The timing ultimately is completely based on the medical evaluation by doctors and what you are most comfortable with as a patient.

Breast Implant & Nipple Reconstruction Surgery

There are various types of breast reconstruction methods. One involves using breast implants to reconstruct the breast contour and make it more symmetrical. Women can also opt to have tissue removed from another part of their body to be used for reconstruction instead of breast implants.

Apart from whole breast reconstruction or breast implants, some women may need additional nipple surgery. A nipple surgery is done post breast reconstruction recovery. The reason for this is to allow the body to accept the breast implant or tissue. There will be shift of the position and size of the breast, which needs to settle before nipple reconstruction is carried out.

Once again, ensure you get professional consultation and advice on which procedure to choose and how to proceed with the reconstructive process.

Breast Reconstruction Procedure & Recovery

The surgical team will first prepare you for the process. This involves consultation including information about expectations of results and recovery thereafter. Routine pre-operative tests will be done.

Once you are undergoing the surgery, the plastic surgeon can take a minimum of one hour to as long as three hours. This depends on the type of breast reconstruction, breast implant and nipple surgery you have opted for or require. After the surgery you will be in hospital under observation for a few days.

After surgery, there may be slight pain and discomfort for which you will be prescribed pain medication. Movement of arms will be encouraged but not vigorously. The physiotherapist will guide you through the process. Nurses will aid your daily routine during the observation and recovery period. Recovery is usually quick and you should be able to get back to doing your daily routine in a few weeks.

For further information please contact Columbia Asia Hospital and fix an appointment for consultation on breast reconstruction surgery today!

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