Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure How to Remove a Tattoo: Excision & Dermabrasion

How to Remove a Tattoo?        

When you were getting it done, it seemed like the best idea on the planet. But now that you have it inked in permanently, you’re not certain anymore. Don’t worry! At Columbia Asia hospital, we have a solution to remove a tattoo.

There are three main methods to tattoo removal, these include:   

Laser Treatment: A preferred treatment for tattoo removal, different types of lasers get rid of different inks in tattoos. You will need a consultation with us to get recommended for the kind of laser you will require.
Excision: Surgically removing layers of skin where the tattoo is present.
Dermabrasion or Salabrasion: Using chemicals to get rid of the skin results in tattoo removal.

Why is Tattoo Removal Process Difficult?

We often hear of patients who are undergoing tattoo removal procedures say that it is a difficult one. Tattoos can be tricky to remove once they’ve been inked in. Why? For a number of reasons (some you may not even realize)!

When tattoo inks of various colors are used on your skin there is an uneven color density. This basically means that each color penetration into the skin is to a different depth. So, if you have a black or blue tattoo, these have a lower penetration into the skin. Hence they will fade with ease and come off easier. Green and yellow tattoo inks penetrate the deepest and are extremely hard to get off.

Whatever type of treatment you choose between laser tattoo removal, dermabrasion or excision, in most cases, you will require multiple sessions. This is because with each session a deeper penetration of the ink on the skin is reached and removed.

Under no circumstances should you skimp out on using professional and medical methods for tattoo removal procedures. Many people try to use “home remedies” of burning the skin. This is not only dangerous, but also causes scarring and infection. Do not try tattoo removal by unscientific methods or using home remedies.

Contact Columbia Asia hospital for more information and consultation on the type of treatment you should opt for. Your doctor will also recommend the number of sessions and expected result.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal technique is a procedure that has been around for a while. Over time, technological advancements have made laser tattoo removal more effective with fewer side effects.

How does laser tattoo removal work? A high intensity laser beam breaks down the pigments in the tattoo ink. Laser beams penetrate at different wavelength. Black ink tattoos are the easiest to remove because the color pigment absorbs low wavelength laser beam penetrations. For all other colors it is important to get consultation on the type of laser that needs to be used.

The laser tattoo removal procedure could take multiple sessions depending on the depth of the ink penetration, the pigment of the color and how your skin responds to the treatment. Consult with the specialist to ensure you have realistic expectations of the number of sessions and results.

Laser Tattoo Removal Side Effects

Are you considering undergoing a laser tattoo removal procedure but are worried about the side effects? You can breathe easy as the side effects of this procedure are minimal. Here are a few you can expect:

Infections: The procedure will leave the skin sensitive to infections and possible scars.

Hypo or Hyperpigmentation: The area where you get laser tattoo removal done can get paler skin (hypopigmentation) or darker skin (hyperpigmentation).

Skin Darkening: If you are trying to get cosmetic tattoo removed, such as eyeliners or lip liners, they may darken in the process. Multiple sessions will help the skin darkening fade. 

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