How To Choose Your Doctor and Hospital for Pregnancy

Choosing an Obstetrician to guide you through your pregnancy and labour and gift you with a healthy baby has to be done with a lot of forethought. Obstetricians come with varying levels of professional excellence and individual temperament. You as parents will have to look for an obstetrician with two vital qualities: competence and compassion.

  • He/she should possess clinical competence to be able to detect risks to the mother and baby and be able to provide appropriate advice and treatment
  • He/she should be competent enough to diagnose and manage expected and unanticipated problems during labour
  • He/she support you throughout your pregnancy, labour and later A neonatologist and pediatrician should also have all the above qualities, as care of your child is very important. You should feel comfortable discussing the most personal issues with your doctor.

Make sure you choose a hospital with the following qualities:

  • Multispecialty services under one roof
  • Clearly defined protocols for clinical and non-clinical care
  • Maintains digital records of you and your baby, so that future follow ups of the baby throughout childhood is available
  • Practices evidence based medicine
  • Where your health insurance is valid
  • Has a Neonatal Intensive Care unit in case your newborn is sick
  • Has postpartum breast feeding support



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