Gastric Bypass Procedure & Stomach Stapling Side Effects of Gastric Banding

You may have decided to undergo weight loss surgery for obesity treatment. Before you go ahead, it is important that you keep yourself informed on the procedure and what to expect. In the gastric bypass surgery, there are a few ways that the procedure ensures weight loss. What exactly happens during a bypass surgery making it an effective method on how to lose weight?

Gastric Bypass Surgery Phases

Stomach Stapling: During the first part of the weight loss surgery, the surgeon staples the stomach into two parts – a large and smaller one. This is done to reduce the amount of food the stomach can hold. Due to stomach stapling, people dealing with obesity will feel full with smaller portions and cut down on food..

Roux-en-Y: After stomach stapling, your doctor will go into the next phase of the weight loss gastric bypass surgery, also known as Roux-en-Y. In this process, the smaller portion of the stomach is connected to the intestine. This process prevents your intestine from absorbing calories at its maximum capacity.

The surgery is performed either by laparoscopy, which involves inserted surgical tools through small cuts made on the belly. The other option is a larger cut in the tummy area, also known as laparotomy.

Gastric Banding Side Effects

While gastric bypass surgery or gastric banding is said to be one the safest weight loss surgeries, there can be side effects. Due to the silicone band inserted during the procedure you may experience nausea or vomiting. This can be taken care of by ensuring the band is tightened or loosened to a comfortable size. 

As with any other surgical procedure, a side effects can include infection and internal bleeding. These side effects are rare and can be avoided by ensuring you get your consultation and procedure done by a reliable surgeon.  The statistics for gastric banding being fatal is lower than about one in three thousand cases. A significant benefit of gastric banding over gastric bypass surgery is that there is a lesser chance of deficiencies of vitamins or minerals. This is because gastric banding doesn’t restrict the absorption of food in any manner. 

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