Causes of Obesity & Weight Gain How to Lose Weight & Prevent Being Obese?

Are you dealing with obesity problems?  There are a number of causes of obesity and it is important to know what is causing unhealthy weight gain. Proper diagnosis of obesity causes can help in effective treatment on how to lose weight. So what are some things that causes obesity?

Causes of Obesity: How to Lose Weight?

Genetics: If your family has a history of being obese, chances are you can develop it as well. This may not mean there is no way out of weight gain, however, your body may be more prone to storing fat or have a slower metabolism. An exact reason of how genetics might affect obesity in children has to be diagnosed on a case by case basis.

Unhealthy Eating & Lifestyle: Are you a frequent snacker? Do you often skip proper meals and munch on junk food? That extra samosa or chip bag may be packing on kilos and you don’t even realize. Becoming obese for most people is a process and takes a toll on the body over time due to unhealthy lifestyle choices. You can easily chalk out how to lose weight once you learn to undo your unhealthy lifestyle choices. It is especially important that you cultivate healthy lifestyle patterns at a very young age to prevent obesity in children.

Lack of Exercise: A huge part of weight gain over time comes from lack of physical activity or exercise. In an age of computers and iPads, we tend to spend most of our days in a sitting position. This prevents your body from burning fat and processing food quickly.

Emotional Distress: Are you stressed from work, finances or other personal matters? Are you suffering from depression or anxiety? These can cause you to lean on comfort food, which can cause obesity and unhealthy weight gain over time. Find healthier options like exercise or new hobbies to direct your problems.

Low self esteem or confidence issues can cause obesity in children as well. In addition, if a person has gone through abuse or a traumatic accident, it can lead to obesity over time.

Medication & Alcohol: Certain types of alcohol such as beer and wine, can cause massive obesity and also lead to the infamous beer belly over time. Medication can also have the effect of being bloated as a side effect. Some medicines cause weight gain.

Once you have correctly diagnosed the cause of obesity, ensure you have a healthy, safe and effective plan on how to lose weight. Small changes in what you eat and how many times you take the stairs instead of the elevator can make a difference. Don’t be discouraged because there is always a way to get healthier and prevent weight gain. Drop by today for further consultation! 

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