On World Patient Safety Day, Columbia Asia, Ghaziabad conducts Attendant Awareness Session


  • Health care errors impact 1 in every 10 patients around the world, WHO
  • Chief of Nursing Services of the hospital talks about the importance of patient safety and tips to take care of the patient  effectively at home

Ghaziabad, December 9, 2015: With healthcare errors impacting 1 in every 10 patients around the world, WHO considers patient safety as an endemic concern. With an objective to raise awareness among care providers about patient safety and healthcare precautions, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad conducted a special Attendant Awareness Session on World Patient Safety Day.

Post operative care at home, infection control and timely reporting of abnormal developments are key to ensure successful culmination of treatment of a patient. According to WHO, failure in ensuring proper patient safety is not only a challenge to quality of care, but also leads a substantial loss in terms of finance and health services.

The session, addressed by the Chief of Nursing Services of the hospital, focused on importance of patient safety and  guidelines for taking care of the patient effectively at home in the absence of expert supervision.

Stressing on the need for creating awareness on patient safety, Mr. Gaurav Khurana, General Manager of the hospital, said “Imperfections in healthcare practice costs many lives and causes much suffering. Many of these are due to avoidable causes such as undefined best practice, lack of awareness about infection control. Many a time simple measures like ensuring sanitization of hands before dealing with the patient, wearing a mask, sanitizing and isolating the room and limiting entry of outsiders can go a long way in preventing uncalled for complications. What we want to address is the lack of awareness about the same through this session” .

While there are several directives issued by WHO in terms of patient safety measures, following simple guidelines such as washing hands before attending the patient, covering mouth while coughing or sneezing in front of the patient or religiously using fresh and disposable syringes for the patients can improve situation up to a great extent.

“Due to the lack of awareness, a lot of carelessness is rampant when it comes to dealing with patients, especially at homes. People hardly bother to clean and sanitize themselves when dealing with patients. However, it is essential to understand that patients are very prone to catch infections and diseases, therefore simple activities such as germs from unwashed hands, coughing and sneezing can cause great impact to the patient. Therefore, it becomes very necessary to follow these simple rules,” said Mr Gaurav

The complexity of the patient safety increases with ageing population. While the patient dependency increases in case of aged population, the hospitals often report shortage of beds. This further increases the pressure on hospitals and its system, thereby increasing the opportunities for error.

Changing the complete clinical behaviour is a difficult task. The process would not only require leadership at various levels, would also require incorporation of best practices, which is again a time taking process. Hence, it becomes an individual responsibility to adopt and further propagate the patient safety measures.

The Attendant Awareness Session was attended by patients and their family members.

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