Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune Saves Man from potentially Fatal Infectious Disease

Scrub Typhus, a mite-borne disease, has a mortality rate of 90%

Pune, 15 May, 2014: A 64-year-old farmer sufferedfromfever, body ache, mild headache, nausea and loss of appetite for a week. His condition deteriorated as he developed jaundice and had difficulty in passing urine. All this happened despite being on medication. His distraught family members brought him to a city hospital. He, however, showed no sign of improvement, and developed acute breathing problems and his condition deteriorated further. On the advise of some wellwishers, he was shifted to Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune where after initial investigation, he was diagnosed with multi-organ dysfunction.

Further examinations for possible infectious illness by Infectious disease specialist at Columbia Asia Hospital, Dr Mahesh Lakhe revealed his condition to be Scrub Typhus, a mite-borne disease that if not diagnosed in time can even become life threatening.

The disease is a rare one, having a mortality rate of 90%. People do not know much about the disease and because no concrete treatment is undertaken initially due to non-diagnosis, the situation of the patient in most of the cases turn fatal.  

“It is a mite born zoonotic bacterial infection caused by ‘Orientia tsutsugamushi’. The infection spreads by a bite of the Chiggers (larvae of trambiculid mite Leptotrombidium), residing in the ears of rats. Humans are incidentally infected. The clinical features of this disease may closely mimic malaria, typhoid fever, leptospirosis and dengue especially in tropical countries.

“The spectrum of this disease, can be from a mild acute onset febrile illness with a classical rash (eschar), to a serious multi-organ dysfunction syndrome affecting blood vessels, liver, blood cells, lungs and kidney. It can easily be missed out if not considered as a differential diagnosis and searched for, in a patient with fever and rash. Children are also victims of this infection,” says Dr Lakhe.

The disease is found in Pondicherry, Maharashtra, Goa, J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi-NCR and West Bengal. It is more prevalent among rural residents.

In case of the farmer, timely intervention and detection by Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune saved his life.

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