Columbia Asia Hospital in association with the Faculty of the British Musculoskeletal Ultrasound and MRI Course conducts its first MSK Imaging Course in India

April 23rd 2014

This course brings together Specialist Faculty from the UK, each of whom is at the forefront of MSK imaging.

Bangalore: In today’s world, nearly every sports person, whether celebrity or not, needs high quality specialist care, be it orthopedic surgery or physiotherapy. Sport-related Injuries are common-place and a correct diagnosis is crucial for appropriate treatments that can help restore individuals to the level of activity that supports their mental well-being, physical and financial health. It is in the realm of accurate diagnosis that Musculoskeletal (MSK) Imaging plays a pivotal role. . The fact that high quality MSK radiology is not widely available in India is a reflection of the country’s priorities.

Keeping this in mind, the Columbia Asia Radiology Group is conducting its first MSK Imaging Course in association with the Faculty of British Musculoskeletal Ultrasound and MRI Course. This 3-day event (April 25-27, 2014) will be held at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital and World Trade Centre, and will be conducted by luminaries in the field of MSK Imaging from the Leeds Teaching Hospitals (UK) and the Columbia Asia Radiology Group.

Dr. Philip O’ Connor, Dr. Philip Robinson, Dr. Andrew Grainger, Dr. Harun Gupta pioneers in the field of MSK imaging from Leeds teaching Hospitals will be joined by Dr. Srikanth Narayanaswamy and Dr. Rajesh Lavakumar in conducting the course. This UK faculty were the lead imagers for the recent London Olympics 2012 and were also associated with many international sports events.

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April 25th is a single-day introductory hands-on MSK Ultrasound Workshop at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Yeshwanthpur that includes ultrasound guided diagnostic and therapeutic interventions and is limited to 40 participants.

April 26th and 27th is a 2-day Course on MSK Imaging at the World Trade Centre and is limited to 100 participants.

Both are designed for a wide spectrum of end-users at varying levels of skill and experience - from the Beginner to the Specialist. Although primarily intended for Radiologists, Residents and Fellows training or subspecializing in MSK Imaging, the course will also benefit Rheumatologists, Sports Physicians and Orthopedic Surgeons. The Course covers an exhaustive range of basic and advanced topics enabling participants to understand indications for MSK Imaging and its relevance when outlining treatment strategies. Topics include - Anatomy, Pathology, “How, When and Why” a test or protocol should be used, “Approach to Reading an MSK Case” and Case-Based Discussions highlighting common pitfalls and simplifying complex concepts.   

The Course will also play an important role in the advancement of MSK Imaging as a subspecialty in India by facilitating interaction between practioners and providing a platform for future scientific meetings, awareness programs, training and conferences.

“Traditionally with regard to Radiology training in India, although importance has been given to X-ray based diagnosis of MSK pathology, there continues to be a lacuna in formal teaching of ultrasound and MRI skills pertaining to diagnosis of MSK pathology. This course brings together specialist faculty from the UK, each of whom are at the forefront of MSK Imaging and is customized to meet delegates' experience level and clinical needs,” says Dr. Rajesh Lavakumar, Lead MSK Imaging for Columbia Asia Radiology Group.

“The specialty is vast and it encompasses diagnosis and therapy of all kinds of ailments affecting the musculoskeletal system ranging from congenital deformities, infections, cancers, joint diseases and trauma - both accidental and sport-related. Patients always stand to gain from specialized, modern, evidence-based care,” added Dr. Lavakumar.

About MSK Imaging

MSK Imaging or Musculoskeletal Radiology is a branch of Radiology dedicated to the diagnostic imaging of the musculoskeletal system that includes bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, adjoining neuromuscular structures and soft tissues. MSK Imaging utilizes all imaging modalities including X-rays, Ultrasound, CT, MRI and Nuclear Medicine. It also includes Interventional or Therapeutic MSK procedures that use guidance from Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy and CT. These procedures range from biopsies to therapeutic injections at targeted locations.

About Columbia Asia Radiology Group

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Columbia Asia Radiology Group presently serves 53 non-Columbia Asia clients across India, Indonesia, France and Bahrain in addition to serving its own hospitals spread across the country. The group presently reports over 350,000 radiology images annually. A comprehensive Quality Assurance program involving dual reads, quality checks, audits and a feedback loop forms the back bone of the group’s high quality standards.

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